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A creative way to encourage learning and development

Creative learning to support your child's development!

A creative and fun way to learn

Support your child’s learning and development with a product from our Crafty Kids collection. We designed our outdoor wooden range to encourage kids to get back to playing outdoors in nature and enjoy hands-on learning. This creates the opportunity for your kid to actively learn through play whilst having lots of fun!

What We Do

See something you like? We’ll build it!

Mud Kitchens

Mud Kitchens

We have single or double mud kitchens that includes sink, pan and a wooden spoon. A mud kitchen not only provides ours of fun but is a great source of sensory play that encourages cognitive growth, creative thinking, problem solving, motor skills, role play and exploration.

Market Stands

Market Stands

Our market stands are one size with the option to purchase crates or woven baskets to sell products on. A market stand is a creative and fun way to learn basic numeracy, develop communication skills, build self-confidence, understand money and the idea of starting their own business. It's your kids first investment.



Our wooden weighing scales come with four hooks and two buckets. Active learning through playing with scales encourages problem solving, comparing items and exploration, enabling your child to make sense of leverage and the link between cause and effect.

Mud Kitchen Prices

  • Single mud kitchen (flat back) £140
  • Single mud kitchen (framed back) £155
  • Double mud kitchen (flat back) £170
  • Double mud kitchen (framed back) £185
  • Each kitchen is built with green treated timber for long lasting outdoor fun.
  • It also comes with accessories which includes pan, wooden spoon and sinks.


  • Colour £30
  • Personalised £20
  • Chalk board £25
  • Single door on the front £30
  • Double doors on the front £40

Delivery in Stirling City area £5 (other locations will vary in price depending on distance).


There’s a 50% deposit required with all orders and then the remaining to be paid on completion of product.

All of our mud kitchens are made from green treated timber. This makes them suitable for outdoor use. However, the more you care for them the longer they will last. If they’re well looked after they can be handed to other families when your wee one has outgrown them or given to your wee ones kids when they get older.

Things you can do to allow them to last for decades:

  • During the winter and the rainy season, put them under cover or in the garage.
  • Paint them once every year. If they’re kept under cover this can be done once every 2 years. (This can also be a fun project your wee one can help on with adult supervision).
  • If left outside, place sink bowls upside down on the bottom shelf when not in use.
  • Do not pressure wash. This can chip paint (if painted), damage the timber causing splinters and forces water into the timber.
  • Wash mud kitchen with a bucket of warm water, eco friendly soap and a soft sponge.


Take a look at some of the designs we’ve built for Crafty Kids.